Welcoming the European Commission Erasmus+ Network visit to the operations of the ASTRA Center at Chiang Mai University

Published At: 28 Nov 2023

The "Advancing Strategic Management, Leadership, and Fundraising in Higher Education in Asia Project" of Chiang Mai University was showcased. Assistant Professor Dr. Orawit Thinnukool, the project leader, along with Mr. Thammanoon Nuamonong, Deputy Director of the Research Administration Office, and Dr. Danaitun Pongpatcharatrontep, Deputy Dean, joined a working group consisting of Assistant Professors Dr. Pattaraporn Khuwuttayakorn, and Dr. Uraiwan Hanwong to welcome the European Commission Erasmus+ Network team from Athens University of Economics and Business and Symplexis, a key network partner of Chiang Mai University and the ASTRA Center Working Group.

Over the past 2 years, Chiang Mai University has signed a cooperation agreement to implement the “Advancing Strategic Management, Leadership, and Fundraising in Higher Education in Asia” (ASTRA) Project, funded by the European Union within the Erasmus+ program framework. This initiative aims to strengthen the capacity of personnel in higher education institutions, with Assistant Professor Dr. Orawit Thinnukool leading and receiving the scholarship on behalf of Chiang Mai University. The Office of Research Administration supported the establishment of the center, a proactive measure by the university focusing on accessing funding sources for researchers within the university and driving forward the mission of building an international research network. The project, which has been studied and researched for more than 2 years, focuses on issues regarding funding in higher education institutions in Asia. Its main objective is to create financial sustainability and provide additional funding for research activities in the social sciences and information and communications technology at partner universities in Asia and the European Union, involving more than 8 institutions from Thailand, Italy, Germany, and Laos.

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Currently, related studies have developed strategies for the pilot work of the “ASTRA R&D Innovation and Consulting Hub, CMU, Thailand,” which supports the mission of international networks in the European region and facilitates cooperation in both academic networks and various business sectors. College of Arts, Media, and Technology , in cooperation with the Faculty of Education as the main operational agency, received funding to develop the center. This included purchasing necessary equipment such as computer systems, server network equipment, a fully integrated teleconferencing system, and other related items. These tools are used for developing personnel with research skills and organizing training for staff and students. The project received funding from the Office of Research Administration.
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The currently supported operations are part of the joint resource management under the operations of the Knowledge and Innovation Development Center (KIND). They aim to expand and create a learning ecosystem (Learning Ecosystem) in line with the college's policy for seeking access to opportunities and connecting research with relevant business sectors.
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Within a year after the research, the successful outcomes have led to important funding sources, with one project officially proceeding and others under consideration. This achievement is seen as a positive direction for raising funds to create sustainability in research and strengthen the college and Chiang Mai University in the future.
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Therefore, this visit by members of the European Union network is considered a transmission and confirmation of strong cooperation. It officially enhances the university's research administration, center operations, and the policy of international cooperation with the European Commission and the Erasmus+ network.

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