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Development and Implementation of Thailand Triage Mobile Application
The medical personnel, especially the primary care doctors could effectively manage and forward patient in the correct order to suit the resources and medication available. Before admitting patients into the emergency department, the pre hospital process is important both in terms of treatment performance and requesting resources from an emergency unit. The existing system to triage patients in Thailand is not functioning optimally in either the primary medical system or pre hospital treatment. Areas that contain shortcomings include speed, features, and appropriate systems. There is a high possibility of misrepresenting false Initial Dispatch Code (IDC) which causes over or under utilizing emergency resources, such as rescue teams, community hospitals and emergency medical volunteers.

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Applications called "Ru tan Ya" related to medical or public health services are becoming increasingly popular as people pay more attention to their healthcare. In Thailand, there are applications like Ya and You, which provide drug information aimed at offering basic indications and knowledge to help users understand drug usage. These applications are designed to provide accurate medication information, enhancing users' understanding of medicines. However, the available applications may have limitations, especially for groups like the visually impaired or the elderly who require applications tailored to their usage patterns, particularly those with a Disability mode function, which some applications may not fully support. Consequently, these user groups might not be able to access this crucial information.

This research project, therefore, marks the beginning of the development of a medicine knowledge application for the visually impaired and the elderly. We are focusing on developing an application that supports use with the Disabled function (Disability mode), catering specifically to the needs of the visually impaired. Developed for both iOS and Android operating systems, its main functions include searching for drug lists, medication reminders, recording personal medicine lists, finding nearby pharmacies, and contacting for help. The application was tested with a sample of visually impaired individuals, selecting 20 people for designing and developing prototypes. This was based on interviews about the needs of the visually impaired, conducted with 60 people using the Focus group method and the Snowball Technique (which involved interviewing alongside system testing).

From testing and developing the system, it was found that the system can provide accurate and comprehensive basic medicine list information and information for proper use. It presents information in a way that is easier to understand compared to other applications in the market. The system also supports the addition of personal medication lists into the application's database and the device's memory. Testing of the system's features and performance with the sample group revealed that the system possesses the required features and could potentially inspire further development of this system or other aids for the visually impaired.

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